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What clients are saying:
A. Smith

When I have no idea where to go or what next step to take, Anna somehow illuminates the real me even when I can't. There has never been a session that I have not gained insight into myself and strength to move forward with purpose. I come away challenged and inspired to take the next, now clear, step.

J. Leland

I worked with Anna over the course of three months. What I appreciated most about the experience was her active listening and communication skills. Anna not only heard what I said, but was able to read between the lines, which provided a gateway to reach the root of my problems and come up with sustainable solutions. Anna has lived a colorful life, which makes her a phenomenal candidate for a life coach! Need help with fitness and nutrition? Having trouble with personal relationships? Need help scheduling, budgeting, prepping or meeting deadlines? Interested in being more creative? Anna’s got you covered on these topics and so much more. This was a safe space to vent, reset and DREAM. Anna led with compassion and empathy, while also challenging me from time to time, pushing me, not only to be a better version of myself, but to show up and be present for myself everyday.


Anna came into my life at a period of crisis.  I had just had a second brain injury and was struggling with feelings of being "broken" where my main identity was "disabled."  I was depressed and floundering trying to reimagine my life with my new brain challenges.  With kindness and compassion she gently helped me see that I was not just doing nothing, but actually wearing many hats - mother, daughter, athlete, dog parent, artist, rental manager, singer, organizer, friend and many more.  She helped me realize that I was still "me" in many ways.  At the same time, part of the challenge was finding a way to focus so that I didn't over-exert my brain and derail my recovery.  Finding clarity and balance was our goal from there.  She guided me through a methodical exploration of my values, what activities had made me happy in the past, what types of roles I enjoyed, and ways I could still contribute. We looked at all the things I had been doing or could do to see what best aligned with my values and joy-builders.  It felt so powerful to settle on the roles that I would pursue that I could do successfully, would resonate with my values, and bring me joy.  Part of that power was also knowing which things I could let go of and say "no" to without anxiety.  It was amazing to me that in just six weeks she could turn my life around, lift me out of my depression, and give me a road-map to move forward.  I now have an "elevator pitch" to communicate to others who I am and what I am doing plus some short term goals that are focusing my energy on building a new life I can enjoy.  I am incredibly grateful to Anna for her kindness and skill in helping me - with her magic I feel I can rise from the ashes and be a phoenix again :-)

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